The Online 3D Product Configuration Service

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Show your e-commerce products in 3D and let customers make responsive configuration choices. The Online 3D Product Configuration Service offers e-commerce shop owners the opportunity to present products in 3D and let customers make configuration changes before adding them to shopping cart.

The service is fully automated. You can import your 3D product models, prepare them with configuration options before listing your 3D configurable products on your e-commerce site.

We can help with making 3D product models, preparing them with configuration options, adding them to your e-commerce site. We can also create and host bespoke Configurator for your customers to use through your e-commerce site.

Your website is not yet e-commerce ready? No problem. We have a number of solutions for you. We could list your products in our online shop; extend your website with e-commerce capabilities; or build an e-commerce site from scratch for you.

Try out the 3D Product Configurator Subscriber Interface

Use the above link to try out our demo.

Try out the 3D Product Configurator Customer Interface

Try one of 3D products below to experience how a customer could configure its components’ colours, textures, logos, and texts!

Toy Demo

Image of configurable toy.
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Configure and Buy

Try out the 3D Product Configurator

Upload your own 3D products; customise the colour palettes; add logos, texts, and polygons; and generate an E-commerce link for your customers to use.

Image of 3D product configurator.