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3D eCards for sending to friends and family, 3D product showcasing for business websites, and an AR powered service that may enhance sports performance.

Virtual metaverse store

3d Configurator

Showcasing your Products or Services in Immersive and Configurable Settings

Customisable mug in 3d product configurator


Golf Club Measurement and Data Driven Sports Performance Enhancements

Golf swing analyser

C3dapp Studio

Web Graphics Programming for Education, Training, Research and Business Solutions

Code snippet from C3dapp Studio tutorials


Addressing Multi-dimension and Multi-scale Issues with Knowledge Chains and Dynamic Visual

London 3D model showing PM2.5 level
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Software services from research and development to industrial scale business solutions on the cloud. Technologies and online services include: C3dapp Studio for web graphics training and education, 3D Configurator for e-commerce online shops and business services, WISDOM as an online GIS/AI/VR platform aiming for public sector solutions, Swan serving sports individuals and businesses with our Golf Club Measurement service, and Digital Christmas Trees you can add to your website or send to friends.

To find out more about our services, read about them below or view our online store.

Mug in 3D Configurator

3D Configurator

Show your e-commerce products in 3D and let customers make responsive configuration choices. Built with our Advanced Web 3D Graphics Engine (tutorialsblogs), the Online 3D Product Configuration Service offers e-commerce shop owners the opportunity to present products in 3D and let customers make configuration changes before adding them to shopping cart.


Get your golf clubs measured with our software! No need to send your clubs to shops or fitters – simply take 4 photos with a phone or tablet. Receive measurements of the loft/lie/length of your clubs as well as additional tips for understanding your clubs and enhancing your game.

Swing analysis of golf clubs

3D graphics code snippet

C3dapp Studio

Web graphics programming for education, training, research, and business solutions.

C3dapp Studio is a cloud service with which you can write 3D apps in Java and build them for WebGL capable web browsers. Options and migration paths are also available through the C3dapp Studio service to help converting the 3D apps (C3dapps) that work on web browsers to desktop and mobile applications.


Web Immersive Smart Data Organizer and Modeler. Addressing multi-dimension and multi-scale issues with knowledge chains and dynamic visuals. Proprietary pioneering web 3D graphics engine powering GIS & VR which has been used in oil, gaming, and general business sectors.

London 3D model showing PM2.5 level

Creative Use of Technology

Breaking news! We are again a Finalist in Kingston Borough Business Awards (KBBA) 2023 after our previous success in KBBA 2021.

Chessington Business Expo 2022

We are exhibiting in Chessington Business Expo 2022 hosted by Kingston Chamber of Commerce on 26th October.

London Mayor’s Resilience Funds – Air Quality Challenge

Our innovative solution incorporating 3D GIS, Machine Learning and Immersive Visualisation contributed in the Air Quality Challenge through the London Major’s Resilience Funds project.