From Fossil Fuel to Green Economy

Brief objectives, an indication of budget and target audience

Our business was set up 2 years ago after accumulating key technologies in 3D Graphics and Artificial Intelligence through services in the oil industry, we’ve to steer our service to help the growth of the green economy. We apply cutting edge technological solutions for general businesses and public sectors so they can reach more customers and the general public in intuitive and friendly ways.

After the first year of transforming our oil orientated technologies into products for a green economy, we spent much of the year 2021 going to market with success in both general businesses and public sector local authorities.

Numerous businesses sell their products on their e-commerce websites in which products are typically represented by pictures and descriptive texts. There is a fast-growing trend of using 3D graphics animations to show products and allow customers to make configuration changes such as colours and options with instant 3D visual responses. Our 3D Configurator product is now serving an international sportswear business and their customers through their website.

We target our 3D Configurator product to all kinds of businesses, whether they sell clothes, cars, properties, or arts. The development budget for the product is between £10-20K.

For public sector solutions, we targeted environmental services this year using our 3D Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to solve air quality issues and deliver air pollution intervention schemes to local residents. Using our WISDOM product, we participated in a pilot project jointly organised by Greater London Assembly on Air Quality and its Impact on Public Health.

It’s recognised that our innovative solution based on our WISDOM product can significantly improve the work efficiency of Air Quality Officers and communicate the Council’s work to local residents in a more intuitive way.

We target our WISDOM product to all local authorities and government offices using an online subscription scheme, the development budget for WISDOM is from £50-80K.

Details about the innovation, technology or product including its implementation and delivery

The innovative technology that we accumulated from software services in the global oil industry comprises of two key components:

1) Advanced 3D Graphics Engine for Web Browsers
Our proprietary and world-leading 3D Graphics Engine paves the way for creating robust and high-performance 3D graphics web applications.

2) Artificial Intelligence with Geospatial Datasets
Our innovative integration of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Geographical Information systems and Cloud Computing
capabilities bring smart solutions to business challenges.

Based on the technological components, we’ve created the following two products for serving general businesses and
contributing to a greener economy:

Product 1 – 3D Product Configurator
It can be used on e-commerce websites for 3D viewing of products and for customers to make configuration changes such as
colours, designs, options, and logo images for products.

Product 2 – WISDOM (Web Immersive Smart Data Organiser and Modeller)
Incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Geographical Intelligence and 3D Immersive Visualisation, the WISDOM product has the
needed power and essential tools for decision making, efficiency saving, and graphical message delivery to intended

Both products are already mature and being brought to market with initial successes.

Our 3D Product Configurator product has a generic core module with features including:

  • 3D model importing
  • product design preparation
  • brand logo and user image uploading
  • colour pallet editing
  • product option configuration
  • lighting effects

For a business signing up to our 3D Product Configurator, we can create the 3D product models, customise the Configurator,
link it up with the business’s e-commerce website, and maintain the online service for the customer.

With the WISDOM product running as a cloud-based subscription service, we can help public sector customers improving
work efficiency and decision making by:

  • streamlining workflow
  • organising data sources and databases
  • training artificial intelligence models
  • creating 3D scenes for project scenarios
  • migrating and integrating modelling tools on the cloud
  • delivering results to the target audience in intuitive ways

We’ve built a strong technical team for continuous development and maintenance of the products and their cloud operations. We provide high service levels to meet customer expectations with proven track records in the global oil industry.

Demonstrate how the success of the innovation was evaluated and measured – Fossil Fuel to Green Economy

Concepts conceived while serving in the oil industry

Our pioneering 3D graphics technology was first applied in online software systems helping oil industry experts visualise sub-surface data. It was proved to bring work productivity and operational efficiency in oil exploration and production.

Our Web 3D Graphics Engine, compared with third party systems like Unity and ThreeJS, shows strong competitiveness in producing quality results at lower costs.

Our Geospatial Artificial Intelligence technology was also exemplified in online oil exploration expert systems used by specialists in the oil industry. It brings cloud computing power, machine learning model training workflow and 3D GIS data distillation together in an easy to use cloud platform.

3D product migration to serve general businesses

We’ve taken a step to transfer our 3D capabilities from Oil Industry Solutions to a 3D Product Configurator product aiming for a wider general business market. With it, we’ve captured a business customer selling sportswear on their e-commerce website this year.

The integration of our 3D Product Configurator in our client’s site not only gives their customers a fresh look and see-it-in-3d before you buy it opportunities, but it also helps our client’s business operations saving time on order processing, and also on product design option adjustments for better profitability.

Cloud service for decision making in the green economy

We’ve taken a further step to steer our service to help the growth of the green economy. We targeted Environment Services in local authorities with our WISDOM based solutions to help with air pollution issues and decision-making processes aiming for net-zero goals.

We had success working in a pilot scheme run by Great London Assembly using our WISDOM for on Air Quality Challenge. It proved the feasibility of WISDOM in work efficiency savings and artificial intelligence approaches to find links between air
pollution and public health.

Demonstrate the impact of the innovation, challenges that were faced and what has been learnt from this

Specialists in Oil Industry typically have multiple software tools at their disposal, but the lack of coherence and complexity of the tools affect their work efficiency significantly. Our integrated cloud-based system enables them to ask sophisticated questions with a few clicks on a 3D map.

General Business owners running online e-commerce sites face competition and may lack innovative ideas to raise their business profiles and make their e-commerce sites stand out. We are able to provide them with cost-effective solutions using our 3D Product Configurator system, making their customers stay longer on their sites, offering more product lines in very intuitive ways, and enhancing operational efficiencies.

Local authority environmental officers working on air quality projects and intervention schemes find it very difficult to establish a robust air quality assessment methodology for things like school streets and low traffic neighbourhoods, as the tools they use do not provide the needed capabilities to help deliver project results within the short time frames. Our WISDOM solution meets the challenges well with 3D immersive scenes, easy to use machine learning capabilities, and cloud deployment and operation of air pollution dispersion modelling tools.

Adapting our technologies for general businesses and public sector solutions has been challenging, but we find the bigger challenge was to penetrate the target market with our innovative offerings. Building trusts with customers take time. We received good help from the Kingston Chamber of Commerce when we needed to test our solution concepts by contacting local authority officials and experts in the air quality field.

Building a technical team from scratch through the pandemic has been challenging too. We made good use of the DWP Kickstart Scheme to grow our technical capabilities while helping some of the young candidates move on to other jobs.

It’s a big change from Fossil Fuel to Green Economy. While working in the oil industry, we relied on a handful of customers. We are now aiming for a much wider customer base in general businesses and the public sector. Through working with different customers on solution projects this year, we learned more about the different needs and thoughts. We’ve adapted well through the work so far, paving the way for healthy business growth.