Save 25% on 3D Showroom

Expo special, 25% discount on the Standard 3D Showroom.

Choose from a Commercial theme, a Residential theme or a Cultural theme, whether for personal or business use, the 3D Showroom can help making you or your business stand out with your photos, posters, 3D objects and videos presented like in an art gallery where you can take your visitors on a guided tour with Zoom Meeting.  Visitors’ names, businesses and emails can be gathered as leads when they enter the showroom and hop on the meeting pod.

Offer ends 31st Oct

Price per annum: £199 £149

Save 40% on IT+3D Training

Expo special, 40% discount on signing up to the 6 weeks online IT Skills+ Speed Training programme by the end of October.

6 weeks, 6 hourly webinars, plenty of practices on our cloud platform with remote expert support will take you through acquiring the tools and skills to start creating 3D objects and showing them on your website which is included in the programme.

Only the basic knowledge of using computers and browsing websites is required to enter the programme and benefit from it. Surprise yourself and your friends by Christmas time with your programming [2136]* knowledge, your 3D work and your web design [2137].

* The codes 2136 & 2137 are from UK Shortage Occupation List

Offer ends 31st Oct

Price: £499 £299

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