6 weeks, 6 hourly webinars, plenty of guided practices with remote expert support, acquire the tools and skills to start creating 3D objects and showing them on your website which is included in the course.

C3dapp Studio – Building 3D widgets directly on browser
Java programming basics – Writing in Java, running in browser
3D Scanning and model importing to your 3D scene
WordPress – Getting started with building your own website
C3dappSDK – Developing 3D web apps in desktop IDE
GitLab – Collaborative team working in software development

Anyone with basic knowledge of using computers and browsing websites can take part in and beneft from the course. It prepares you on Programming [2136] and Web Design [2137], with 3D skills to add competitiveness.

Sign up today and surprise your friends in Christmas with your 3D work and your website.

*The codes 2136 & 2137 are from UK Shortage Occupation List

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