3D Showrooms in three themes

Make your business stand out, connect with visitors, generate leads on your website and in virtual exhibitions.

Choose from one of the three themes, we’ll ft your posters in picture frames and hang them on walls. Videos can be arrange d as if they are performances in a show. Products in virtual 3D form can be placed for 360 degree browsing.

When your 3D showroom goes live on your website or in a virtual exhibition, you can chat with your guests, take them on a guided tour in your meeting pod with Zoom Meeting, and gather your business leads.

Commercial theme
An office building

Residential theme
A house conversion

Cultural theme
A theatre (modelled on Rose Theatre, Kingston)

Made with measurements taken from The plans for London’s Rose Theatre on https://stevegalloway.mycouncillor.org.uk/ and Rose Theatre, Kingston on https://www.modelboxplans.com/.

Demo: A Car Show in a Theatre featuring posters in gallery and a 3D model of a car on stage.

The demo, including the 3D car model (data size 20Mb), may take around 1 minute to load.

See how Youtube videos could be played in a 3D Showroom: Readings from the Rose.

Demo created without seeking endorsement from Rose Theatre, Kingston.

A 3D scanned soft toy is exhibiting in a showroom with residential sheme: A Toy Dinosaur.

Have a look at Oakhouse Software’s own 3D Showroom in commercial theme.